17 December 2006

Sad story about frogging!

Here's a sad story about frogging, but don't worry, it has a happy ending.

Here is a pair of Purl When Ready 2x2 ribbed socks, toe-up, short row heel, complete to the ankle. They are made from Lisa Souza's Little Devil Sock! yarn, which is fabulous, and stripes beautifully.

They were languishing in my knitting bag because, despite being nearly finished, I wasn't happy with the texture, they were kinda lumpy.

So after putting off the inevitable for a month or so, I finally frogged this weekend...

... and cast on some Jaywalkers, cuff down, as Great Cthulhu intended. I love the way this is striping, these are going to be some seriously eye-catching socks. Yay!

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