28 December 2006

Christmas knitting...

...is done and suitably appreciated.

My lot:

Chaos machine knit scarf, with random stripes decided on by rolling a couple of D6. This was a bit of a test project really, but Tim asked if he could have it.

My grandma (who is 85 next week!) modelling the Shelly scarf from CrochetMe. She's been wearing it ever since...

My mum, another happy Fetching recipient.

Christmas gnome from Simply Knitting, for my dad. This took ages, even though I substantially altered the pattern to do most of it in the round. Made from some of the Mountain of Handspun, some of which I dyed. This little guy looks a lot more disreputable than the picture in the pattern, he reminds me of a pirate gnome, whatever that is.

Ubiquitous curly scarf, for my BCUK Secret Father Christmas partner.

I've just realised that's two FOs in a row that include fun fur. I'll lose my membership to the Snobby Knitters Club at this rate :D

Tim's lot:

Yet another curly scarf for Tim's mum.

Sweetpea shawl from the Happy Hooker for Tim's grandma. She really liked this, Tim and his mum went to see her at the nursing home the next day and she was still wearing it :D

Crochet scarf for Jess, Tim's sister, made from recycled sari silk. She seemed to really like this too, she wore it all Christmas day :D

Tychus hat for Tim's little bro, Tom. Modelled here by Tim.

Phew! Glad that's over.

Now all I have on the needles is the pair of Little Devil Jaywalkers (which are nearly finished with all the travelling we did in the last few days) and the L&V socks (which need the heels ripping out and redoing, cos I'm a spatchcock*).

*new word discovered over Christmas

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