24 November 2006


And here's some pressies I made for my friend Angyl and his mum's birthday:

Pink fluffy squid, by request. Pattern here, but I crocheted most of the tentacles instead of knitting them, due to lack of time.

Yet another curly crochet scarf, with a great big purple goth flower :)


OK, now I see why everyone likes this pattern so much :)

My first proper cabled project (I've been doing mini-cables on my L&V sock). The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is lush.

... and I only had to redo the picot bind off three times :) I've got another ball of dark green so I'm going to make a pair for my mum for Yule.

22 November 2006


This is a diversion of my infrequently updated real life journal at http://perditaxknit.livejournal.com . There's a couple of reasons why I decided to start a dedicated craft journal - all the cool kids seem to use blogspot and I don't want to feel guilty about inflicting mahoosive pictures or really over-excited squeeing about yarn on my Friends list. Too much.

I did consider transferring previous posts from my LJ over here, but have come to the conclusion that this would be an unnecessary and Herculean task when one could be fashioning string out of sheep, and string into stuff.

As people probably know, I'm currently out of work and have no money at all. This is why it is Very Very Bad that I have just bought this roving -

The pretty colours made me do it.