07 August 2010

Chichester the Pig

Chichester the Pig was born when someone asked me for 26 knitted pigs for an event and I was forced to come up with a pattern that I could knit 26 times without it making me crazy. For me, this means no sewing. I'd just finished making some Mini Aliens from Barbara Prime's pattern and thought her no-sew techniques would be excellent for the borrowing for this project.

A German translation by Julie Röder is available here, and Jen Sloan's adaptation for knitting on two needles is here.

This pattern assumes you know how to knit in the round (using your favourite method, be it DPN, two circulars or magic loop), purl, increase (kfb, kfbf), decrease (k2tog, k3tog), and long tail cast on. I used DK but you could use any yarn, just upsize (or downsize, if you're a masochist) the needles appropriately.

Make bobble (ear): Kfb, turn work, purl 2 sts, turn work, k2tog
Make bobble (leg): Kfbf, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, knit 3 sts, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, k3tog
Kfbf: knit into front of next st, then knit into back of the st, then into front again. Makes 3 sts from 1.

Round 1: On 3.25mm needles and using DK yarn, long tail cast on 6 sts.
Round 2: Purl around
Round 3: Knit around
Round 4: Kfb around (12 sts)
Round 5: Knit around
Round 6: (Kfb, K1) around (18 sts)
Round 7: Knit around
Round 8: Knit 2 sts, make bobble (ear), knit 3 sts, make bobble (ear), knit 11 sts

Round 9: Knit around
Round 10: Knit 11 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 3 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 2 sts
Rounds 11-13: Knit around
Round 14: Knit 11 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 3 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 2 sts
Rounds 15-16: Knit around
Round 17: K2tog around (9 sts)
Run yarn through remaining sts with tapestry needle and fasten. Poke the yarn end out of the pig's bottom and cut it short to make a tail.

I stitched the eyes with black yarn but you could use beads or little circles of black felt glued on. Or googly eyes.


Pig Pig (yes, I'm still conjoining everything. What of it?)

Follow the pattern as above until the end of round 14. Then:

Round 15: Knit around
Round 16: (K2tog, K1) around (12 sts)
Round 17: Knit around
Round 18: K2tog around (6 sts)
Round 19: Knit around
Round 20: Purl around
Run yarn through remaining stitches. Use the yarn tail to try and make this snout look like the snout at the other end.

Baby Pig for Piggybacking Purposes (OK, I think this is the smallest I can make pigs)

Make bobble (baby leg): Kfbf, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, k3tog

Long tail cast on 3 sts
Round 1: Purl around (this is fiddly. Persevere.)
Round 2: Knit around
Round 3: Kfb around (6 sts)
Round 4: (Kfb, K1) around (9 sts)
Round 5: Knit around
Round 6: K1, make bobble (ear), k1, make bobble (ear), K2, Kfb, K2 (10 sts)
Round 7: knit around
Round 8: K6, make bobble (baby leg), k1, make bobble (baby leg), k1.
Round 9: knit around
Round 10: K6, make bobble (baby leg), k1, make bobble (baby leg), k1.
Round 11: Knit around
Round 12: K2tog around
Stuff (with a pointy thing)
Run yarn through remaining sts and make tail as per big pig.

Wingalid Pig

For the wings, with DK yarn and a 3mm hook:
Ch 4
Skipping first ch, sc 3 into ch, turn work
*ch3, sc*, repeat twice more
fo, attach to side of pig

I'm happy for you to sell Chichesters made from my pattern, please just include a link to my pattern if selling online.


Unknown said...

These are adorable! I have an 8 year old girl who is just obsessed with pigs - she will love them. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I was just thinking that I wished I had a mini pig pattern! I am off to knit a few today! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern!
Angie B

Jennifer said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Anonymous said...

I love these pigs and they are such fun to khit - I have knitted a pink and blue striped one. Am now going to add wings but can't crochet!!

Anonymous said...

Your pigs as well as all other works you posted here are awesome! This is the 1st time I encountered your blog and I find your works sooo lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love those pigs!. As I live in the town formerly known as Porkopolis and the home of the flying pig marathon these pats will be put to good use :-)

Unknown said...

These little piggy's are SO simple to knit + absolutely adorable! I've already made 5 for my sister's 5 young children = smiles all around :o)

KatherineN said...

Wow! That's so quick and so cute! :o)
I am very impressed!
Thanks for the pattern :o)

G’s Creative Korner said...

These are too cute! Thanks for sharing your patterns.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this kind of pattern for sooo very long!!
Thank you so much and now this great granny will get started for some of the 16 gg that I have!! I am on limited income so apprectiate all your cute patterns I can find.... God Bless you and thanks again for sharing your work!! Ruth E. Seeger

Carol said...

The flying pig is perfect! Thank you!

the mad knitter said...

OH MY GOD.. CUTE- love the conjoined piggies ^.^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pattern! - Stephanie in Kansas

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I love pigs and I'm excited to make some.

Heather said...

oh, i want to make them and play "pass the pigs"

Unknown said...

You are amazing! Thanks so much!

Vampier Keelr said...

I made a pig that had the wings, except I did them in black. Demon Pig! I get requests for them all year from my friends!

sputnik said...

too sweet! I am making a whole pile of them for someone's birthday. In all different colors.

Travellers Craft said...

so cute!

Katee said...

Hello. I was wondering, could you make a crochet version of this? I can't knit to save my life!

Hel Gibbons said...

@Katee Chichester was actually invented as a knitted alternative to Roman Sock's Pass the Piggies pattern here - http://littlegreen.typepad.com/romansock/2008/11/pigs-will-fly.html , which makes very nice crocheted pigs.

snickerdoodleloves said...

Thank you so much for this pattern! Too adorable, and definitely going to be a stash buster for me as well!!!! And I'm pretty sure my 2 year old daughter will simply love packing a handful of these lil fellers around :)

Anonymous said...

So cute~ You are very talented! Thanks so much for sharing you wonderful knitting patterns.

Anonymous said...

These are very cute and I will use it. I am wondering if you would have a pattern for a horse or cow and or and bunny? I'm going to make my daughter an afghan and have animals sewn onto a scene. Thanx

Anonymous said...

Until I found, and made, this pattern I had no idea how incomplete my life had been without tiny knit piggies. They are adorable - I intend to stuff them with cat nip and give them to my kitties!

Thank you!

Sue Stewart-Brown said...

Hope you don't mind, but I just pinned this to one of my boards on pinterest.com. I just didn't want to lose where I had found this pattern. I will have to make some when I am through with my Christmas needlework.

Anonymous said...

I like knitting, and I absolutely love pigs. So I searched for pig patterns for my first DPN project... it turned out great! It's so adorable, fast, and easy! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

The flying pig is my favorite. I've been collecting them for about fifteen years. It's rather hard to find them. Thank you so much for the really cute pattern.

Dawn T. in New Hampshire

Wendy said...

I knitted a few of these pigs just for fun. Then I was in need of a cute keychain to give my house sitter (one she wouldn't misplace!) I attached a ring to the top of the pig's back and added my key. Perfect!

Stella Jones said...

Very very sweet and cute. Just adorable.

Gardengate said...

Love your statement at the top of your blog, us knitters will definitely be worth our weight in gold, weight, did I just say that?

Think I'll make one of these for my daughter who loses her keys a lot.
Thank you!

Unknown said...

I think this pattern are so cute, do you think I can use it for a bigger pig, perhaps thicker wool an knitting needles?

Unknown said...

Ek weet nounie of my vorige boodskap deur is nie. Ek dink die patroon vir varkie is pragtig, maar ek sal graag n groter varkie wil brei. Kon sover nog nie n maklike gratis breipatroon kry nie. Dink jy as ek dikker wol en breinaalde gebriuk sal ek dit groer kry? Baie dankie vir patrone dis pragtig!!

Hel Gibbons said...

I see no reason why not :)

Anonymous said...

I've probably made over 200 of these mini pigs in the past 2 or 3 years. I love giving these away. It always puts a smile on people's faces (adults and children).

Anonymous said...

I've resumed knitting after several years on "vacation". I love these pigs and want to make them. But knit 3 stitches in the round? This can be done? Do I need to be a master knitter or some such?

Hel Gibbons said...

Magic loop! :)

Mastinomama said...

Thanks a million for sharing the Chichester pattern. No sewing, cuddly cute, fast and explained perfectly. One Ravelry favourite!

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to give you credit for your pattern, do I have your approval? I think it's real cute.

Hel Gibbons said...

Drop me a line at shinyfeline@gmail.com ! H

Jovana said...

I was going to try to knit a bunch of these for a fundraiser. Do I have your permission to do so? I just think they're so adorable!

Jovana said...

Thanks for the pattern! I had wanted to knit a bunch of these for a charity fundraiser. Do I have your permission to do so? I can give you details of what I was thinking if you'd like those too.


I have just knitted my Piglet from your pattern and posted his photo on my Blog. I love him. Thank you for sharing your pattern Hel.

Anonymous said...

I've made some of these pigs before, but I've never knitted in the round. Do you have a version of this using straight needles? I'm sure it was the same pig (looks exactly the same. My grandson lost his and asked for another. Thank you!

Hel Gibbons said...

https://apocalypseknits.blogspot.com/2012/01/chichester-pig-on-two-needles.html :)