27 April 2007

L&V Sock Marathon #7

L&V Sock Marathon #7, originally uploaded by Miss Shine.

Another pair nailed.

This was Colinette Jitterbug yarn, and the stitch pattern from Magknits' Tropicana sock pattern.

While I love the effect the Tropicana pattern made, I did get a little fed up with it at the end as there were a lot of increases and decreases which seemed to make my hands hurt a lot.

I used up all but about two feet of this yarn, and the sock cuffs are still very short. I think i've been spoiled by Lisa Souza's super generous skeins - I know I have big feet, but it would have been nice to be able to make the cuff longer.

17 April 2007

L&V swap goodness!

Look what arrived at my door today!

L&V swap

A whole box of goodies from the lovely Attachic, with sheeps, and chocolate and FABULOUS STRIPY ORANGE YARN OF DOOM. Ahem. Thank you so much!


I've been finishing off socks!

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04 April 2007

Klein dice bag

Klein dice bag

Klein dice bag

Matt's Klein dice bag.

It's a three dimensional representation of a four dimensional object, apparently. All I know is it makes the physics geeks squeeee.

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