27 January 2012

Chichester the Pig on two needles

Jen Sloan got in touch with me to share her adaptation of the Chichester the pig pattern for knitting on straight needles. Here it is! (and thank you Jen)

Make bobble (ear): Kfb, turn work, purl 2 sts, turn work, k2tog
Make bobble (leg): Kfbf, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, knit 3 sts, turn work, purl 3 sts, turn work, k3tog
Kfbf: knit into front of next st, then knit into back of the st, then into front again. Makes 3 sts from 1.

Row 1: On 3.25mm (10) needles and using DK yarn, long tail cast on 6 sts.
Row 2-3: Purl 2 rows
Row 4: Kfb whole row (12 sts)
Row 5: Purl row
Row 6: (Kfb, K1) whole row (18 sts)
Row 7: Purl row
Row 8: Knit 6 sts, make bobble (ear), knit 3 sts, make bobble (ear), knit 7 sts
Row 9: Purl row
Row 10: Knit 2 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 12 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 2 sts
Rows 11-13: Purl row, Knit row, Purl row
Row 14: Knit 2 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 12 sts, make bobble (leg), knit 2 sts
Row 15: Purl row
Row 16: Knit row
Row 17: P2tog whole row (9 sts)

Run yarn through remaining sts with tapestry needle and leave long end so as not to lose stitches.
With pig inside out, join seam from nose to tail.
Turn right way in
Fasten loose end. Poke the yarn end out of the pig's bottom and cut it short to make a tail.
Sew eyes with black thread.


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, but I don't understand how or why you need to turn your work in the middle of the row. How do you do that?

Hel Gibbons said...

The bit where you turn your work is part of making the bobbles for the ears and legs. Have a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kQEhmaWdzo

Unknown said...

Hey, Loved PigPig, thank you for the free pattern. I made it for my friend who loves this stuff. I did notice in the pattern that you didn't mention stuffing it and on the double-headed one that the second set of ears wasn't on there either. It was easy to figure out tho from the rest of the pattern as it was well-written. Thanks again :)

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the awesome pattern! I actually made PigPig for a friend of mine who loves the macabre. I did notice a couple of things, the general pattern didn't mention stuffing on it and the two-headed section didn't mention the second set of ears. It was easy enough to figure out from the first set because the pattern was so well written. Thanks again!

Sara said...

I loved making this and made half a dozen little ones. Then saw I had some fancy pink chenille type wool left over from a charity knit so tried it on 4mm needles with the thick wool. Loved it!

Nancy S. Brandt said...

Hi. thanks for this pattern. I'm a fantasy author. My latest book is called Pigsty Princess and I was looking for a stuffed pig to take with me to booksignings. I plan to make a bunch of these with my leftover yarns. Thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this fantastic pattern! The pig looked fantastic and it gave me some confidence to try some harder patterns.

Unknown said...

I dont understand the abbreviations

Hel Gibbons said...

Which ones are you having trouble with?

oacsac said...

I love it! Thanks!

jobanneh said...

Hello, Hel! I love Chichester, and have made one by doubling fingering yarn on US1 knitting needles (following the straight needle instruction), so cute, but I think too tiny for a two year old. I've also experimented with size US8 needles and thicker yarn, (much better size for two year old).
I have oodles of great nieces and nephews that I want to make these for quickly - Christmas visits over the next week or so) and I am not extremely experienced with knitting, so - Question, if I use bulky yarn (recommended size US10 needles, can I get a larger pig and if so should I alter the pattern (add rows to the body? I'm not sure you still read these posts, but I will greatly appreciate answer since I do not have time to waste trying on my own to find out. Thank you in advance.