14 September 2007

Secret of the Stole Swatch

So this misshapen piece of fabric is my swatch for the Secret of the Stole knitalong. My knitting is not normally this wonky, I was trying out a couple of different needle sizes, also my blocking leaves a bit to be desired.

I'm using ColourmartUK 100% silk in Anthracite, and I'm rather excited. This will be the first proper lace I've knit since Sarah's wedding garter drove me mad around this time last year... :P

Parsley Boobs!

So my friend Matt has this bizarre obsession with a strange flash cartoon called Parsley Boobs, and it was his birthday. What else could I do but render Carl Honduras and Minky Steve through the wonderful medium of crochet?

Parsley Boobs...

13 September 2007

Tiny little baby socks!

Oh dear, I have lots to post about but everything needs photographing. So for now here is a tiny pair of socks I made for baby Isabella Grace who arrived last week.

Tiny little socks!


I can't find which pattern I used. Oops. Yarn is leftover Lisa Souza.