02 April 2008


Hee, the GeekCraft group over on Ravelry crowned me 'Geek of the Week' for my Parsley Boobs rendition.

"On the crochet front, in a completely unrelated direction is Shine’s Parsley Boobs. They are based on characters from a company called Weebl’s Stuff but initially I mistakenly assumed that the characters were actually Weebles like these these Romper Room break outs. If you recognize those, I won’t be mean and put that ear worm of a jingle in your head. I was very, very wrong, though. For one thing Parsley Boobs would probably enjoy smacking Weebles around. Then again, who doesn’t really? There’s a Weebl character too though, and a Bob. But these are Parsley Boobs. I won’t front, I really know nothing about any of this, I just followed the link and watched the animated short. It’s funny. I recommend it. It’s also really, really short, like 2 minutes long short, so if you are randomly searching the forums anyway, this shouldn’t pull you away for that long. After seeing it, you see what truly impressive likenesses Shine achieved. Very nice."

I've been really super-busy lately, we've just finished running this year's Roleplaying and Wargaming Student Nationals, Tim's jetting about all over the place telling stories and we should soon be purchasing a house. Phew.

Craftwise, I'm currently getting close to finishing off Talia from the new Knitty, the bulk of which I knitted on a couple of five hour coach trips to and from London to see Jonathan Coulton's first UK gig, which of course was Made of Awesome.

Here's a photo of another Geek Project I never posted pictures of, a Black and White tribute for Alex's Yule/Christmas present:

Black and White inspired cross stitch...

And here's my reference screencap:

...and the reference picture...

You can get the chart here

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