20 December 2006

End in sight

My holiday knitting is (shhhh) nearly finished...

I have left -
about half a row on a curly crochet scarf
A couple more inches on Shelly from CrochetMe .
About eight more rows and the thumbs on a pair of Fetching
The fringe, wash & block Sweet Pea shawl from the Happy Hooker

and I have given up on
Anything for Tim's step-dad. The only clue Tim gave me for what he might like is a beret, and while I am sure my skills are up to the job, I will not knit a grown man a beret.
Ravenclaw scarf for Tim's brainy bro. Although not as daunting a task as this one sounds (as I'll be machine knitting), the wool I bought on Ebay, while very nice, turned out to be just too light and girly a shade of blue. So I'm going to have a go at overdying it, but no way is that going to happen before Christmas.

So the end is in sight! And then I can knit socks, nothing but socks forever! Mwahahaha!

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