21 January 2009

Beige Baby

DSCF1650, originally uploaded by blackic.

Finished these cabled baby things for an old friend's unborn sprog.

I never want to knit anything in beige ever again. Bleh.


Nic said...

Those look so sweet - where did you get the pattern? There is a potential baby boom amongst friends this year, I need to be prepared...

Hel Gibbons said...

http://www.jujubeandlolo.com/patterns/getziggy.php and http://www.sweaterbabe.com/product_kp24.htm and http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pdf/FourSeasonsBabySocks.pdf


Woolly Monster said...

Very impressive!
Your woolly monster is about half complete (got sidetracked by mini-crocheting). The monster has got rather big - I will need a whopping mail bag!
What is your address?

Oh, and if you've never been, visit:
The shop in Heywood is amazing!