15 October 2007

SotS hint 2

Secret of the Stole hint 2

Still loving it :)

I suspect the guesses on the Yahoogroup of a starry or celestial theme might be more likely, but I have refined my personal guesses to those of ELECTRO-BEES, or butterflies with lasers.


Peggy said...

Your stole is turning out beautiful!!!! I am in total agreement with you. In fact my boys say if we have to revert to Mad Max style of living I have plenty of wool to spin on my wheel and plenty of yarn that we can be well clothed for some time to come. :)

Kat Robertson said...

Oh! It is very beautiful!
I'm about halfway through clue 2, I sure hope to finish before Friday. Keep up the excellent work.

Brenda said...

beautiful job! can't wait to get started myself today.,..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! You do wonderful lace work.

CaveGurl said...

Your stole is so pretty! You can really see the beads in this photo! I'm still on clue 1, but I'm about to join the two pieces! Thanks for the inspiration!

Badger said...

Bees with laser guns for eyes was gut reaction when I saw it.

It's looking good so far, and that is a most fabby colour.