11 October 2007

Catch up

I need to catch up before I post my SotS progress! So here's some FOage...

Cursed sweater complete. Cursed boyfriend still present, who would have thought? You will note that he is also wearing my Fetching. Hmph.

Pattern: Curse Your Boyfriend from the fabulous Anticraft. Love love love.
Yarn: Some antiquated green stuff from eBay.

Little hats...

Look! Little hats for Innocent's Big Knit. I sent off 63 teeny tiny hats this morning, courtesy of the Sheffield Knitpickers. Woo!

Also, I've spent some time in the last few weeks messing up the Anemoi
. All my fault, nothing to do with the cunning pattern. I've given up on these for a bit, and am concentrating on lace! Lace lace lace lace.

Oh - and because I apparantly do not have enough things to do - I set up a Ravelry group for the celebration of all things squamous, Cthulhoid and tentacular. Because, for some reason, one didn't exist.


Nic said...

So cute! The little hats, not Boyfriend ... not that he's not a nice chap, but you know what I mean...

I hadn't heard of the Big Knit, so have investigated... I've just knitted my first hat, and it's taken less than half an hour, so I'm planning to have half a dozen done by Monday :o)

TheKnittingBee said...

A very belated thanks... but thanks for helping my pledge succeed! I've finally got round to writing it up on my blog, and worked out that about a third of the total pledgers made over 100 hats!

My post is here (I linked to you, hope that's OK) http://kneedlehappy.blogspot.com/2007/11/hats-ahoy.html