14 March 2007

Colinette Jitterbug and Brittany DPNs

So last week I received my birthday Colinette order, two skeins of Jitterbug sock yarn in Sahara and Florentina. I had intended to keep the Sahara and send the Florentina to my L&V swap partner as I know Colinette is sometimes tricky to get hold of in the US. But, man, this stuff is nice. Even Tim squeeed a little bit when he saw it. The colours are incredibly deep and vibrant.

I also ordered a Brittany crochet hook (cos I seem to have lost my 5mm hook in the move) and some 5" DPNs. I've never been too sold on either non-metal needles or The Pointy Sticks of Doom but I can see why people like them for socks :) I cast on a plain sock out of Opal Rainforest - the caterpillar one. It looks extremely ugly, but in a cool way :)

I bought the needles and stuff from Purlescence who seem very nice and shipped the stuff in very funky triangular packaging.

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