11 January 2007

Lime n Violet socks

Lime & Violet socks!

I started these several months ago however they were relegated to the bottom of the To Be Knit pile after I messed up the heel. I finally got round to undoing and redoing the heel about a week ago, and finished them off today.

Pattern: My own devising, with minicable stripe down the side.
Yarn: Lisa Souza's Lime n Violet (of course)

I'm counting 220 yards towards my Sock Marathon total, as I think 2/3 of them were knit since Jan 1st... Although this is my second pair of socks finished for the marathon, I suspect my sprint start will quickly be overtaken as I start having to knit entire pairs of socks... :)

Stash Acquisition.

Yarn day! Today not only arrived the first installment of the Fyberspates sock club (my first alpaca! Lush) but my long overdue Christmas present, 2.5kg of soysilk sock weight yarn.

My brain can't even begin to calculate the yardage on this lot. Maybe later :P


Lexy Girl said...

Yay socks! I'm wearing my L&V socks at this very moment. They were my first attempt at socks, they look like... well a first attempt... but they are warm and comfy.

Thanks for the comment. I know, Lime's accent had me cracking up too. I forgot to make a note of it for the notes because I was laughing so hard. heh.

TutleyMutley said...

Thanks for commenting on my Feb socks - BUT these stripy socks of yours are seriously loverly socks. I am into green which affects my judgement, but I want... oh yes.